How to Manage Common Summer Skin Problems

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How to Manage Common Summer Skin Problems

During summer, the skin is exposed to intense heat and this is sometimes accompanied by high humidity. Under these unfriendly conditions, the skin is bound to acquire several problems. Conditions like irritation are common while there are several other recurring problems.

Majority of the skin issues can be treated and prevented; a few precautionary steps can help you. But, note that these solutions work when you act instantaneously upon seeing the very first symptom.

However, if you need any sort of medical guidance in case of persistent problems, visit Umkal Hospital, the Top Skin Treatment Hospital in Gurgaon.

Let us find out some common summer skin problems and how to manage them.

Dry, Irritated Skin:

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you are bound to have dry skin. It happens when you spend excess of time in the pool, the sun, and air conditioning.

Remember to shower quickly after you come out of the pool. Make sure you shampoo well and use fresh water with a mild cleanser. Apply sunscreen on your exposed skin before stepping outside. It is advisable to use one with a greater grade than SPF30+. Use a moisturizer on your skin after washing as it helps to trap the moisture.


Sometimes, you might have to stay a little longer in the sun. Despite the use of sunscreen, you may get a sunburn. The first thing to do is to get out of the sun. If you expose yourself more, the problem will worsen. Use some hydrocortisone ointment as soon as possible. This will ease the burn in a few hours. Use some refrigerated moisturizer and rub it on your skin.

Prickly heat rash:

One of the most common types of rashes that almost everyone experiences during their lifetime, is the prickly heat rash. But never use those powders shown in TV commercials to beat the prickly heat rash!

These rashes are caused when the sweat glands are blocked by dirt and oil, and sprinkling powder over them just blocks them even more, aggravating the condition. So wear light and loose clothes, which let your skin breathe. Take a cool shower, or use the AC or a blower while indoors, to control sweating, and eventually prickly heat rashes will vanish!


The hair on our body grows out of an opening called follicle. When these get infected, the condition is called folliculitis. They resemble pimples, while they are itchy and tender.

To reduce the chance of folliculitis, change your gym clothes immediately after working out. Also, try to stay away from whirlpools and hot tubs if you are unsure about its acidity levels.

It is always better to approach the Best Dermatology Hospital in Gurgaon if you face a prolonged issue with your skin.

Acne Breakouts:

When your sweat mixes with bacteria and oil, it clogs the pores of your skin. If you are open to acne troubles, it could lead to a breakout.

The best thing to do in the summer is to blot the sweat from your skin using a clean cloth or towel. If you wipe the sweat, it could lead to a further breakout. Make sure you wash sweaty towels, bags, hats, and clothes before you use them. You can also use non-comedogenic products on your skin including your neck, chest, back, and face.

Do not hesitate to visit the Best Skin Care Doctor in Gurgaon if the problems persist. It is important to remember that major skin problems can be avoided and treated if we are vigilant enough. So, stay cautious and confident, and remember that Umkal Hospital is always there for your medical assistance.

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