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  • Comprehensive Blood Markers
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Dietician, Physician
General Examination
Height, Weight, BP, Pulse, BMI

Comprehensive Blood Markers
Hemoglobin, RBC, PVC, MCHC, MCV, MCH, Platelet Count, Peripheral Smear, Total WBC/Differential Count, ESR

Specialized Tests
Blood Grouping - Rh Typing, Stool Test for Occult Blood, Stool Test for Ova and assist, X-Ray Chest


X-Ray Chest, Ultra Sonogram of Whole Abdomen (Screening)


        • Kindly have your last meal at least 8-10 hours before you come for the check and report on an empty stomach.

        • You may drink water which may allow your bladder to fill so that we can perform the ultrasound of the lower abdomen. No other fluid is permitted (tea/coffee or juice).

        • Kindly carry your old medical records if you have any. (If you are on regular medication carry those along with you & inform receptionist/Physician about the same).

        • You can collect the urine and stool sample container from your nearest Pharmacy and bring the first samples of the day along when you come for a checkup

        • Please wear comfortable clothes and slippers as you may undergo various tests. (if the package has a TMT, please wear a pair of running shoes or sneakers)

      • Pregnant women or those suspecting pregnancy are advised not to undergo any X-Ray test. It is also advisable not to undergo any health check during your menstrual cycle

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