Speed matters:
The fast track trauma accident and emergency response teams match with the best in the profession. In times of accident emergencies and trauma, the hospital renders a host of appropriate specialized services through a dedicated and skilled trauma team comprising of an anesthetist, orthopedic, general, neurosurgeons, dental surgeons, ENT and a general physician.

At Umkal Hospital, the team of orthopedic surgeons can take care of any difficulties arising in the bones & joints and help to get back to the normal life & live it to the fullest. The department is known for the quality of its services. We provide comprehensive services for admitted patients on conservative treatment or for pre-operative care, intra-operative care, post-operative care and follow up care with facility of Indoor and ICU.

The best orthopedic hospital in Gurgaon has special facilities for the dependable and for the patients who needs long terms care for their treatment.

Umkal Hospital orthopedics department the much sought after center for all types of musculoskeletal conditions to both national and international patients. Consult with the Best Orthopedic Doctor in Gurgaon at umkal Hospital.

We have state of the art facilities and expertise to provide all sub specialties of orthopedic surgery.


All accidents & trauma cases including complex fresh as well as late / neglected injuries and its complications can be managed promptly & effectively by our team of surgeons. Orthopedic trauma, often is sustained in combination with other system injuries including abdomen, head injuries and poly trauma. The Centre has a comprehensive approach for delivering optimal Orthopedic care to injured patients. Out Hospital is well equipped with the best Emergency Medical Services round the clock.

Sports Medicine:
Our dedicated team of sports medicine can provide treatment for injury sustained as a result of sports activity or injury sustained which are similar to but unrelated to sports activities.
• Treatment support during various sports related activities of educational organizations
• Modern state of the art treatment including arthroscopic (key hole) surgeries
• Post-surgery rehabilitation
• Advice on nutrition

Joint replacement surgeries:

When joints become worn out or traumatized beyond salvage, they may need to be replaced. The following total & partial joint replacement surgeries:
• Total Hip Replacement
• Total Knee Replacement
• Hemi Replacement Arthroplasty of the hip

Musculoskeletal Oncology:
The complete treatment of Musculoskeletal tumors can be done in our state of the art facility including:
• Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal tumors
• Planning of treatment
• Complex surgeries including limb salvage surgeries
• Supportive chemo & radiotherapy
• Psychological counseling and support
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Hand Surgery:

The hand is a very complex & important structure for the human being. We have the facility & expertise who can provide treatment for complex hand injuries & other difficult problems in the hand.



Spine Surgery is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of spine function by managing various spinal injuries & disorders. It includes both non-operative and complex operative treatment modalities. Spine Surgery is a unique sub-specialty of orthopedic and neurosurgical surgery. The department's spine specialists offer a gamut of spinal surgeries with an aim to relieve pain, stabilization of spine and decompression of spinal cord/nerves.


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