Eyes are sensitive and require good care. At Umkal Hospital, Gurgaon, we offer you an affordable facility for Specialty treatment in Gurgaon with our team of experienced Ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various eye disorders. We diagnose the issue that causes a weaker and blurred vision in our patients and provide them with the most suitable and affordable treatment that has earned us the name of Best Hospital for ophthalmology in Gurgaon. The department provides comprehensive ophthalmology services with the most modern equipment.

Ranging from the basic treatment for minor problems in eyesight to the non-invasive laser surgery, our highly skilled best specialists for the treatment are dedicated to providing you the intensive eye care at an affordable price.

Lifestyle Factors causing Eye Ailments:

Stressful lives, overuse of gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops, lack of sleep, dryness and pollution in the air could be a few reasons that contribute to various eye ailments. Stress and insufficient sleep could turn your eyes red and cause tearing due to fatigue. Therefore, it is advised by the specialists to ensure timely rest for better eyesight.

On the other hand, long hours in front of screens such as Television, Mobile Phones or Laptops could be very harmful to eyes as it makes them dry and puts a lot of strain on them. Going out in dust and pollution without goggles could lead to inflammation in eyes due to the particles in the air.

Such factors as mentioned and proper lighting should be properly taken care of to keep the eyes healthy. Whenever you come from outdoors make sure to wash your eyes by splashing water while keeping the eyelids closed to wash off any kind of dirt that could harm the eyes. In addition to this, make sure to have timely and sufficient sleep to avoid straining your eyes. These lifestyle tips could help you manage eye care better while you are on the go.


Proper medication, such as glucocorticoid steroids and oral medicines, antiviral medications to treat viral infections rule out any possibilities of corneal ulcer.


Glaucoma which causes visual field loss and optic nerve changes. Eye drops to lower the intraocular pressure. Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) is a non-invasive procedure that can treat open-angle glaucoma. On the other hand, Canaloplasty is a non-penetrating procedure using a micro catheter.


Non-invasive, Laser surgery treats Cataract with utmost efficiency. Cataract uses modern procedures that involve high-frequency ultrasound probe. This probe breaks the cloudy lens into little pieces which are then carefully removed from the eyes by using suction. The procedure is known as Phaco or Phacoemulsification and is performed by making small incisions. At the Department of Ophthalmology, Umkal Hospital, Gurgaon, we provide the best Laser surgery to treat your cataract at affordable prices.


It is also known as pink eye.This disease is caused by a bacteria or virus leading to inflammation of the inner eyelid and the outer membrane of the eyeball. Its symptoms include redness, irritation, tearing, and discharge in or around the eyes.


The diagnosis and management of diseases of the cornea, sclera, conjunctiva and eyelids, including corneal dystrophies, microbial infections, conjunctival and corneal tumors, inflammatory processes and anterior ocular manifestations of systemic diseases.

Dry Eyes:

The approach is to maintain the natural tears in the eyes for a longer period in order to reduce the dry eye symptoms. Treat Dry Eyes using eye drops and artificial tear drops to maintain the moisture of the eyes. With medication and lifestyle changes as prescribed by our specialists, help in improving the condition of Dry eyes.

Excessive Tearing:

Excessive Tearing can be treated with proper medication which can heal obstructed tear outflow tract. Medications can cure inflammation that can cause tearing and irritation.

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