Dr. Biplab Das

  • SPECIALIZATION- Neurosurgery


Dr Biplab Das has immense and comprehensive experience of in treating all Neurological Disorders including Stroke (Brain attack, Brain clot/bleeding, Paralysis), Migraine or other headaches, Nerve and Muscle problem (Neuropathy & myopathy), Parkinson disease (Shaking Hans Palsy), Epilepsy (Seizure, Mirgi), Mental Health, Carotid (Brain artery) stenting, Meningitis (Brain Infection), Multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders..

He is having dual degree of Neurologist and Neuro-intervention, with wide experience in performing all Neuro-interventional procedure including Brain Aneurysm Coiling, Flow Diverter deployment, Mechanical Thrombectomy in stroke (Brain clot removal), Brain artery stenting, Brain and spinal AVF/ AVM (abnormal tuft of vessels) embolization etc.


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