Healthy Options to Add To Your Summer Food List

As the summer days are already around, one has to rethink about the whole lifestyle and especially their diet.


Summer is that time of the year when there is a lot of sweating, so your body needs to stay hydrated 24×7. All our body fluids are lost, leaving us dehydrated. Some people often face few skin issues such as irritation, dryness, and redness. While few others face different health issues such as fatigue, dehydration, low blood sugar level, dizziness and so on. So, one must think twice before gulping down those cheesy burgers or oily street food like ‘vadas’ or even just a slice of a pizza.


Summers can be very tiring and thus one has to smartly plan out their diet chart. But summers are also the time when we get hold of nutritious veggies and fruits such as mangoes, melons, berries, corns and so on. As any other weather condition, summers can also take a toll on us if we do not follow a proper diet.


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Let us discuss a few healthy food options that can boost your energy and hydrate your body from the harsh heat outdoors:

Coconut water – Dehydration, which is a direct result of excessive sweating, is very common in summer. And lack of proper hydration also causes heat strokes in many people. So the best way to counter this is by drinking plenty of fluids. Along with drinking lots of water, you can also drink coconut water daily. Coconut water contains loads of essential nutrients like potassium and sodium and is extremely good for health.

Fruit salad: Summer is the time when varieties of fruits adorn the face of supermarkets and are high on demand. Become a fruit lover this summer and dig into big bowls of fruit salads every day. Make a bowl of salad filled with watermelons, apples, berries, oranges, apricots, peaches and few leafy veggies to add the nutrition content. Try out this breakfast option this summer instead of your regular ‘parathas’ or ‘upamas’ and feel the change in your energy level.

Fresh green veggies – Apart from being rich in various kinds of vitamins and nutrients, fresh green vegetables are also high on water content. While green leafy vegetables are recommended for consumption all round the year, they are especially good for the summers too. Moreover, green veggies like cabbages, spinach, kale are also high on iron, which is another essential mineral.

Cucumber – Cool and watery cucumbers deserve special mention in the list of summer foods. With high water content and lots of fibre, cucumbers are perfect to beat the summer heat. You can eat them raw, combine with salads, or even prepare juice with a hint of mint or lemon. Eating cucumber is also highly recommended by the best doctors in Gurgaon.

Yoghurt: As we all are aware of the benefits of yoghurt for our skin and how it has become the main component in our skincare regime, it is also an apt summer food. As the intolerable heat can take a toll on our digestive system, yoghurt can calm down your internals. It makes the digestion much easier and can be consumed alongside our regular food.

Eating healthy summer foods is the best way to sail through sweltering summers. But for any heat-induced illnesses, you can always rush to Umkal Hospital. Umkal multi-speciality hospital in Gurgaon, makes it a point to include all of these foods for the welfare of all their patients.

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