Is It Possible To Undergo Cataract Surgery If You Have Glaucoma?

A majority of individuals develop cataract during their aging years. And though cataracts can be easily removed by surgery, certain other health factors are to be considered. For instance, most cataract patients are scared of cataract surgery if they already have another eye disorder – glaucoma.

Top doctors at Umkal Hospital, one of the best Ophthalmology Hospital in Gurgaon say that sooner or later, all patients have to undergo cataract surgery, even if they have both glaucoma and cataract. But the main concern for the glaucoma patient is the likelihood of further complications after the cataract surgery!

So the prime question is, is cataract surgery safe for glaucoma patients?

Let us try to get a clearer understanding here.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma occurs when the optic nerve wears and tears and over time it dies out making situations worse. Usually, glaucoma affects the peripheral vision initially and over time it begins to impact the central vision negatively, resulting in permanent vision loss. Unfortunately, glaucoma cannot be cured permanently; however, you would be able to keep it in check by paying regular visits to your doctor at the Best Hospital for Eye Treatment in Gurgaon.

What are cataracts?

To understand what exactly a cataract is, let’s think our eye as a camera. The lens of our eyes function like that of a camera, that is, it allows the light to enter. When the lens of your camera becomes foggy, can you take clear pictures? Similarly, when the lens of your eyes becomes cloudy with time, you are deprived of a clear vision.

If the cataracts are in the first stage, then you might not need to go under the knives, and your doctor might prescribe you to wear glasses only as of now.

Will cataract surgery be safe for you?

If you have glaucoma and you are wondering whether to go for cataract surgery, then here is what expert doctors at Umkal Hospital have got to say.

Contrary to the popular opinion, having glaucoma would not change your doctor’s perception about your getting cataract surgery. Cataract surgery lowers eye pressure and if this happens in your case as well, then you would have to take fewer glaucoma medications afterward. And if your surgeon is an expert in glaucoma treatment, they might decide to perform a glaucoma surgery at the same time.

But this doesnot imply that you would completely hide your history of glaucoma from your doctor, just because it would not impact your cataract surgery much!

Immediately after the surgery, your Eye pressure might increase after cataract surgery and if you are glaucoma patient, then your doctor would be checking on your pressure closely. But you need not be worried about the sudden spike in your eye pressure as it is considered quite normal and your eye surgeon would take care of everything!

Although there are no risk factors involved, it is always better to understand more about glaucoma patients. That is why it is absolutely essential to consult with an eye surgeon at the Best Eye Treatment Hospital in Gurgaon before you get all ready to undergo cataract surgery.

Additional follow-ups might be required to check on your glaucoma and also to prescribe new medications for your glaucoma.  During these sessions, your doctor would monitor would eye pressure and based upon it would prescribe fewer medications of lower dosages.

When you trust Umkal Hospital for your eye care needs, you can be sure that everything will turn out to be okay. Just try to maintain enough caution and stick to the instructions of your doctor, both before and after the surgery.

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