What To Do In Case Of A Cardiac Emergency?

A sudden cardiac arrest can often be fatal, and every year, it is responsible for innumerable deaths.

In the US, cardiac arrest is said to be the major cause of bringing death to about 295,000 adults every year. Near about 50% of heart-related casualty is caused by Sudden Cardiac Death or SCD which has therefore triggered major concern in all people.

Although SCD mostly affects adults in their late 30s and 40s, even children are not safe from it, if we consider the current scenario. That is why it is important to go for regular checkups so that you can access the best Emergency Care Hospital in Gurgaon, like Umkal Hospital.

How can you treat SCD?

By learning a few simple steps and applying the same on the patient, you can reduce the impact of SCD if you manage to do it almost instantly.

  • Contact emergency care– The first and foremost step would be to dial-up and avail emergency services offered by leading hospitals like Umkal Hospital, and explain them the situation briefly so that they can reach as fast as they can.
  • Learn and apply CPR– If you want to protect your friends and family from getting affected by SCD then you should learn CPR and apply it within the first few minutes until the emergency healthcare arrives.

What is CPR and how does it help?

CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and it is considered to be an emergency technique performed on someone whose breathing has stopped. As you know, if we stop breathing, the blood circulation throughout our body stops. Thereby the blood cannot get oxygen which causes hindrance of breathing eventually leading to death.

But CPR is only proven to be effective if you manage to perform it on the patient during the first few minutes with High-Quality ICU Services in Gurgaon.

Contrary to the misconception, CPR does not have the ability to start the beating of the heart but it has the potency to keep the patient alive until professional caregivers arrive.

What is an AED and how does it benefit heart patients?

Although it is a bit difficult to access AED or an Automatic External Defibrillator, you can find this in airports and malls. This is nothing but a device designed to send electric shocks to the heart via the chest wall. The device comprises of built-in computers which access the condition of the heart to see whether administrating shocks are necessary.

But unfortunately, AED cannot be performed by anyone and only the doctors, airport employees, firefighters, lifeguards. But anyone can acquire the training of performing an AED if needed from the Best Critical Care Hospital in Gurgaon.

But even if you find yourself surrounded by such a situation, where your near ones can be saved with the aid of an AED, then you should not worry and follow the audio and visual instructions of the AED machine.

Always remember, the ultimate goal is to provide defibrillation within the shortest possible span before the emergency services arrive to tend to the cardiac arrest. And if you manage to perform CPR along with AED, the chances of survival of the victims increase by a considerable extent. However, AED is not meant to have an effect onsomeone who is not suffering from cardiac arrest. If the rhythm of the heart is not lethargic, it will not respond to the shocks sent by the AED.

AED and CPR are best administered by professionals to derive maximum benefits. So if there is ever a cardiac emergency, promptly get in touch with the best multispecialty hospital in Gurgaon like Umkal Hospital. You can then steadily face any unpredictable event in the future.

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